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Calling all champions

Join the Inspiration League to champion cultural programming in your Washington community! Science, heritage, and arts nurture the human spirit, fuel academic success for students, drive economic activity, expand quality of life, and strengthen communities. However, these uplifting programs are always under threat. Funding and media coverage are shrinking and opportunities to spread cultural joy into every city and town aren’t being pursued. We need heroes to click one quick and easy button which shares your cultural vision with lawmakers and policy drivers. Will you be your community’s champion?

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You are the superhero your community needs to fight for critical assistance after the unprecedented disruption and damage of COVID-19. We cannot let our cultural programs and organizations struggle and perish, we’ll engage our federal, state, and local partners to secure resources and assistance to support our leaders, workers, vendors and volunteers so you can engage with ease.

The collective power of heroes and advocacy can turn the tide. Inspire the survival and expansion of culture within every city and town! Don your cape, amplify your superpower, join our chorus, and together we’ll rebuild an indestructible and vibrant cultural state.

What Will You Do?

The Community We Support

Your voice is critical, not only to assisting the organizations and communities you love and support, but for millions of people statewide who have suffered real and immediate program loss during this crisis. Your advocacy will inspire curiosity, creativity, critical thinking, and human connection across Washington!